Hike to Venus Pool

By Sophia

On November the 13 we went on a hike at Cape Point to the Venus Pool. It was very hot. When we got to the Venus Pool, we were so relieved to get to the rock pool, we swam for a while.

It was fun although Kaely kept on slipping! Once I turned my head, looked back at Kaely, and then she slipped. Then, while we were walking back, Leeya hurt her ankle.

Later on, Amber was taking me home and we played “red car”. We decided to add our current points together then continue playing. After playing, we added up our points and got 190 red cars.

Venus Pool is part of the Kanonkop Trail

Start off at the Visitors’ Centre under the huge Stone Pines and walk for 3 hours on a round route. The hike is named after the old canon at the top of the mountain where you stop for snacks and a great view. You can see for miles over Buffels Baai, the Point, and False Bay! Check out the old lime kiln on the way to the Pool. The hike to the pool is on the tar, very easy, and you can rock-jump back to Black Rocks where people park their cars.


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