Taking Action on Film 2020

Check out how Earth Kids have been taking action on film in 2020! Watch inspiring films made with Earth Kids to illustrate their passion and their learning. Real education in nature, for the environment.

These kids know how to be Producer, Actor, Sound Engineer, Clapboard Clapper and Visual Artist. They can film outdoors in Nature, and spend a lot of time in the film studio perfecting a range of skills: from physical acting and producing to more mental technical and computerised talents. Imagination comes first.

Earth Kids work very closely with Bryony Roughton of SAYmeTV/Letter in a Bottle and Rod Wannenburgh of The Stables Studio in Noordhoek. The kids are very grateful for their professional input. These two special people are passionate about films and empowering people to tell stories about their lives.

Else River Pollution

Earth kids learned about sewage pollution. They focused on a local stream flowing into False Bay: the Else River has suffered ongoing sewage pollution thanks to broken pipes, bursting sewers and lack of maintenance in the area. This catchment is enjoyed by children and pets and hosts wild species such as caracal, otters, baboons, squirrels, frogs, snakes and raptors.

Earth Kids took on the Else River in Welcome Glen as their first major environmental issue. This happens to be the only river in the Southern Peninsula emerging from a spring and a dam, within a catchment area. It then flows past residential areas, into the Glencairn Wetland, and out to the ocean at Glencairn Beach.

Message in a Bottle

In a project of adventure, education and hope, Earth Kids released environmental messages of hope into the Pacific Ocean. While EKTV film-maker, Simon Tatt, knows that tossing anything into the ocean is sacrilege, a disgrace and a littering offense, he also wanted to teach the kids something.

This is a lesson in Geography, History and Science. Maybe these bottles will be found in a few months, in a year or in 50 years’ time? Strange to think that some of us may not be around when some of these messages are read. And we wonder what type of life people will be living in the next 50 years?

Judy Sole Interview

No Jo No! A phrase first coined by co-founder of Earth Kids TV, Judy Sole, when reminding her granddaughter to stop wasting resources. The same Judy Sole who wrote Brave Green Kids and featured her granddaughter on the cover.

The Gracie Love Garden

The Gracie Love in a Bowl Food Garden was started by Gordon and Michelle Reid as a way to give back to those in need. Gordon and Michelle live on a smallholding in Hout Bay.

Earth Kids learned so much about love, generosity, humility and ethical values when they met Michelle. She took them around her glorious colourful and very ethereal space. Each kid felt at home and alive in her kind spirit.

Glencairn Station Pollution

Sewage is also pumped into the ocean at Glencairn and often the untreated sewage leaks from pipes directly into the wetland and ocean. This causes a huge impact on environmental and human health. There is an ongoing problem of sewage pouring from drains onto the railway line and at Glencairn train station.

Flower Boxes

Gardening with Nature is all about planting seeds, watching them grow, nurturing the plants and eating their produce. Food for the soul. We care about the Soil, Water, clean Air and gorgeous Sun. We believe that gardening epitomizes the Circle of Life.

Earth Kids hope to see beautiful vegetables grow from seed, with gorgeous flowers that turn into delicious produce. Spring has sprung in the Western Cape after a very cold and wet winter.

Check out our gallery of gardening and awesome spring creativity in photographs!