Swimming with the Fish

By Kaely

As it nears the end of the year, we have started having more fun outings. Our Earth teacher, Janis, took us on a hike in Cape Point. It is called Cape Point because this is where the 2 oceans meet. At this exact point.

Well, then again, maybe not. I found this out on findtripinfo.com:

“This is where two oceans meet – the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the warmer Indian Ocean waters on the east. But is Cape Point’s claim to fame that it is “where two oceans meet” just tourism hype? Well, not at all — it depends! Cape Town’s Cape Point is not the southern-most point on the African continent. That tribute goes to Cape Agulhas, 105 miles (170 km) to the south east. Cape Agulhas also defines the official geographic divide between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Meanwhile, the boundary between the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic migrates seasonally between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point.”

Anyway, we hiked round here. We started in the parking lot at the visitors’ center and hiked all around the mountain. We didn’t hike exactly to the point, but we hiked to the Venus rock pool. It is this amazing natural rock pool that is such fun to swim in. It was an amazing experience.

My friend, Amber, took her underwater Go-Pro and we filmed some underwater footage. It was so cool to see the little fish everywhere and the mountains of colourful sea urchins. I know this sounds very poetic, but if you saw the beautiful turquoise water and the waves crashing on the rock, you would agree that it should sound poetic.

This was definitely one of my favourite outings and I am planning to go again with some friends. I also learnt some things on the outing though, for example, the foreigners from other parts of the world all docked their boats in that bay, and then made their way to Welcome Glen to collect fresh produce for them to continue the journey.

It was a really amazing day and we all had a blast. I really recommend that you to go here with friends, and family. It’s amazing.

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