Soil For Life

Soil for Life is a gem. Find it in Constantia, tucked away behind the Waldorf School, a haven of wildness and organisation all in one. Food that comes straight from the soil to your plate…

“The earth is facing unprecedented environmental crises. Our hope for a healthy world rests on re-establishing the harmony between the earth and its people.”

These words the Earth Kids read on the Soil for Life website before our visit to such an inspiring organic garden. We booked a seed workshop and spend the morning in awe of the avo seed, planting peas, seeing how Soil for Life lives in tune with Nature and enjoying a cuppa tea under the trees.

“Our approach, which has evolved since Soil for Life started in 2002, is to help people to create their own sustainable home food gardens, however limited their resources. We also teach people simple and achievable ways they can live a healthier life. It’s been successful even in the most challenging environments. The benefits are numerous on many levels – for the individual home gardeners, their families and communities.”