Saving Our Seals

Ocean scene with four seals swimming illustration

Saving our seals is the right thing to do! These marine creatures are increasingly pressurised by human impacts: overfishing, ocean pollution, loss of habitat and more. Earth Kids want to change this.

Earth Kids had a memorable visit to the Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre in the Cape in early 2021. Their mission? To see where they could assist this unique animal charity. To see where the links are between South African Seals and Namibian Seals.

In fact, the seals are the same! The Cape Fur Seal is endemic to Southern Africa. It resides all the way along the coast, as far north as the southern tip of Angola. There are seal colonies all along the coastlines of Namibia and South Africa, up to Algoa Bay near Port Elizabeth.

When you click on the Home Page of Hout Bay Seal Rescue Center, this is what you see:

Welcome To Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre

“We urgently need monetary donations for fish and pup milk, paint for the centre to be painted, electric fencing, and medium size dog crates. We also need a large freezer unit to store at least 125 boxes of fish a month. If you are able to assist, please call or Whatsapp Kim on 060 965 8611. She can also be contacted via our contact page.”

Earth Kids want to help.