Glencairn Rotary Camp

Glencairn Rotary Camp is a special place where Nature is teacher, the shining light in our world. Koos Burger, warden of this special outdoor venue for kids, is a walking encyclopaedia who ignites our passion for all things living.

Ask Koos about the wild flowers, the exotic trees, the runaway fires and the stream that runs through the property – he can tell you plenty of stories.

Listen spellbound as Oom Koos recounts the history of Welcome Glen, the Else River, the reasons for the huge gum and poplar trees, and the design of his labyrinth.

For Koos designed the largest labyrinth in Africa and Earth Kids walked the 3km length in circles, until they reached its centre. Then back out again to where they began. This became a race for the kids, naturally…

The Biggest Laybrinth in Southern Africa

Caring for the River and all Biodiversity

Koos is the epitome of a true environmentalist. He loves Nature and wants to help save our Earth. He is a fountain of knowledge as he weaves his wisdom into stories of nature, history, geography and science. This makes him a born educator who has an innate connection with children of all ages. We call him Uncle Koos. He has a passion to help clean up the catchment which is negatively affected by sewage pollution, litter and alien invasive vegetation.

Earth Kids filmed their discoveries with Koos, a true teacher. Check out their films here.


  1. What a privilege to have spent some time with Earth Kids in our beautiful fynbos areas. Many of you came up to say hello on our lay out on Noordhoek beach on September last year. I also felt part of you as well as the groundswell of acknowledging that we need to change our ways. We are going to make things very uncomfortable for all of us. I hear that we are going to restore our Else River. Well, please visit, we are starting in Gordons Camp and work upstream.Our vegetation restoration along the Else River will happen in the opposite direction, stream up, because we must be different to make real difference! Please visit again, all the best with your school. GO Earth Kids GO!

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