Noordhoek Beach Dog Poo Compost Worm Bin

Earth Kids visited the Noordhoek Beach Dog Poo Compost Worm Bin at Noordhoek Beach to learn more about this innovative concept. They discovered that it is another brainwave by Project Noordhoeked.

Project Noordhoeked is a non-profit community project initated by the community to create jobs to clean up and keep Noordhoek safe. It also aims to create awareness about the disastrous effects of single use plastic.

People pick up their dog poos with a converted milk carton that acts as a spade. They pop it into the bin and the worms devour it! No plastic bags needed and away it all goes. The good news is that there will be more of such bins placed at other beaches in False Bay too.

“We focus on cleaning the beach from Noordhoek all the way to Kommetjie, around the lagoon, the wetlands, the Noordhoek common and main roads. We clean dog poo, plastic, glass, wire, the beach toilets three times a week.

We work closely with SanParks to alert them of the location of dead seals and offer additional eyes and ears to the Chapmans Peak neighbourhood watch.”

Earth Kids in Action

A Bench Beckons

A second visit to the Project Noordhoeked attractions delighted Earth Kids who are so inspired by the Eco Brick Bench! What a great idea to have something so clever in memory of a special guy, and so attractive to sit on and soak up that beach view…

We noticed a message to all smokers at the top of the boardwalk too – what a great idea!