No Jo No!

Three little words with heaps of impact.

No Jo No!

A phrase first coined by co-founder of Earth Kids TV, Judy Sole, when reminding her granddaughter to stop wasting resources. The same Judy Sole who wrote Brave Green Kids and featured her granddaughter on the cover.

Now Earth Kids TV takes on the No Jo No with fresh vigor. We start with the tooth-brushing theme:

  • No Jo No, use tiny blobs of toothpaste when you brush your teeth, not a huge squeeze!
  • No Jo No, turn off the tap when you brush your teeth to save water!
  • No Jo No, don’t use plastic toothbrushes, they never biodegrade!

Simple yet effective messages we can take to the rest of the world. And the list is endless: think of all the No Jo No’s we can possibly say to every global citizen?

Jo is a generic name for every Tom, Dick and Harry who lives and breathes on Planet Earth. We are all part of Mother Earth and we are all part of the Problem – Climate Change, Over population, Consumerism and the 6th Great Extinction. Time to change that to one great