New Baby Bunnies

Our holiday started out with getting two new baby bunnies, Luno and Archie.

Luno was eight weeks old and Archie was four months old. Both of them are white and gray and Archie has red eyes. Luno is so cheeky he chomps the vegetables in the veggie patch! They are so soft and cuddly.

December is fruit season, so yum. I helped my mom make some raspberry jam and then some apricot jam. We made lots of it!

2020 was my sister Emilie’s last year of school. Her matric dance was cancelled so my parents organized a small matric party at our house. Everyone came all dressed up in fancy clothes.

We made many many cookies. They are Swiss recipes, full of nuts and other delicious things. My brother, Pascal, loves the aniseed cookies. My favourite ones are the hazelnut stick ones.

Christmas was the next exciting event to happen. I have such a big family and this means lots of presents under the tree and lots of food. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve, so the lights on the tree make it so pretty because it is dark outside. We also drove around to look at the Christmas lights, not so far from where I stay.

Sadly our old dog, Icarus, died just a few days after Christmas. He was 13 and a half years old. He was a Newfoundland so that is very old for that breed. I miss him so much. I have known him my whole life and I used to crawl all over him when I was a baby.

For New Year’s Eve, we ordered 3 big platters of sushi. It is the family tradition to have sushi on New Year’s Eve. Because of Lockdown we couldn’t have a party. We did stay up for the countdown, but my Dad didn’t. He went to sleep!

I missed Noordhoek so much that my mom took us for ice cream at Kristen’s Ice Cream Shop and then we went for a walk on the common.

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