Lower Silvermine Wetlands

Earth Kids TV Lower Silvermine Wetlands

Visit the Lower Silvermine Wetlands in Clovelly, next door to Fish Hoek. Visit an exquisite urban nature reserve, caught beautifully between ocean, mountain and dune habitats. A lovely natural sponge of clean water which is home to various indigenous species, especially frogs.

According to Wikipedia, this reserve protects a section of Hangklip Sand Fynbos and the biodiverse indigenous Cape Wetlands of the Silvermine River. Rehabilitated due to local flooding problems, it is a breeding ground for many amphibians including the endangered Western Leopard Toad, the Arum Lily Frog, the Cape River Frog and the Clicking Stream Frog.

Look out for small mammal species here too: porcupine, otter, grysbok and mongoose. About 50 bird species have been recorded here, though some are no longer seen in the area. Alien invasive vegetation is still a threat, as is the excessive proliferation of the indigenous Bulrush or Typha which thrive on the unnatural quantities of minerals and nutrients being washed into the wetland from urban storm water.

Earth Kids joined Toad Nuts member, Richelle Steyn, on a glorious walk around the wetland. She taught them so much about the hydrology, the biology and the geology. What an eye opener of a habitat and ecosystem. A wetland is so important to the lives all living things – especially humans, of course!