LockDown is Long – Tips for Kids Activities

Lockdown in South Africa is long. A long 21 days. But we can still come together and make the most of it. A time to think about Life: our lives, life on earth, the lives of all the people in the planet and the loss of life due to the Coronavirus, alias Covid 19.

We have looked around for great websites that promote interesting learning for our kids. Take a look at these:

Blockly Games

TED Talks and Educational Lessons

National Geographic Kids

Mystery Science Lessons

Smart Videos for Curious Minds

The Crash Course

Paw Print Family

Tinkering Ideas

Oxford Owl

Geography Games

Find Out About Anything

Earth Kids can keep occupied and happy during lockdown in South Africa. If you have a garden, use it. Grow vegetables, flowers, succulents and more. Take time to dig and create. Paint rocks, paint flowerpots, do some mosaics. We urge you to share your projects with us and we will post the photographs here!

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