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This is the page where you can learn more about it. This is your mini encyclopedia. Find information on huge concepts and small phenomena that make those huge concepts work.

The World, Earth, Universe & Environment

The World is a fascinating place. The Earth is a special place. The Universe is so vast. The Environment is our livelihood. What do all these words mean? World, Earth, Universe, Environment?

World is a huge term for the land masses or continents, the islands, the ocean and the seas. The World is everything that we know, and more. It is everything that exists anywhere; it is all the important concepts and beings in this life, not in heaven and not in the afterlife; it is all about the entire earth, including all of its life, its countries and peoples.

Earth is a huge term for the land masses that make up the 7 continents of the world. The Earth is the surface of the planet or the solid matter of this planet – the dry land or the ground. Some peoples say that the Earth includes all humans who live on it but that point is debatable. Earth is everything on the planet – including all life – that is not ocean or water.

Universe is a huge term for the wholeness of what we know to exist in space; it is the cosmos in its wholeness. Some say that it encompasses us, humans and some say that it encompasses all the planets and all life within and without space. It is all about entire worlds where things exist and this includes the world of space.

Environment is a huge term for everything around us, on Earth and within our World. It is all the things that surround us, be it in the country, in a city, in a desert or in the ocean. It is all about the ecology, the physical nature we love, the sky and the soil. It is all the forces within our lives which influence us to be who we are.

WOW! How do we now place ourselves as humans into this amazing, miraculous setting? We learn about it, we educate ourselves about it and we CARE about it. That is how.

Contexts and Where We Fit In

Take your time to browse these pages to learn more about it: our planet and everything Earth Kids have grown to love within their context. We are based in the Southern Peninsular of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

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