Horses Love Tom Ro Haven – so do Earth Kids!

The horses at Tom Ro Haven stand to benefit from the eager Earth Kids. We want to assist this haven for rescued horses by doing some fundraising, awareness and publicity.

If you love horses, be sure to pop in to this rescue center for abused horses. And if you love to ride and feel the need for some therapy, be sure to pop in there and make contact with the owners.

The Tom Ro Story

Tom Ro Haven has slowly been introducing equine assisted therapy into their portfolio over the last few years. This treatment includes equine activities or an equine environment to promote emotional growth in persons with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),  anxiety, depression, behavioural issues, abuse issues, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Since the horses have similar behaviours to humans, such as social and responsive behaviours, it is easy for the participants to create a connection with the horse.

Gillian McCulloch is the founder of Tom Ro Haven and is passionate about all animals. She has spent time in wildlife orphanages and other shelters. Her drive is to change the perception of horses in the general public. “They need our help,” she says. “By using horses to heal and awaken empathy, compassion, and respect we are not only changing the lives of horses but all animals and people too.”

Her daughter, Stephanie, is her right hand helper and she is simply blessed to be doing what she love,. She says that working at The Haven brings her so much joy. “I have always wanted to make a difference in my life to those less fortunate than myself and to be doing that with children, adults and horses makes me so happy.”

Firing up Plans to Save the Haven

Earth Kids have plans to assist Tom Ro Haven. These include publicity films and fundraising projects. Tom Ro is busy with a fundraiser called the Lucky Shoe Pledge.

Gill and Steph are hoping that the Haven Lucky Shoe 200 Campaign will assure them of R50 000 in donations per month to cover their running costs. This will in turn allow them to focus more on ” the bigger picture of helping our rescued champions heal and help heal the children.” Tom Ro Haven offers a number of Wayz 2 Help

So why not pledge to be a Lucky Shoe Supporter today? If you make a regular financial contribution of R250 minimum per month, you will help Tom Ro meet their monthly overheads. This will in turn keep the doors open to feed and maintain the herd of rescued horses and ponies that help heal so many – that’s how important your support is!

The Lucky Shoe campaign is to achieve 200 ‘lucky shoes’ by people / companies / organisations making pledges of R250 per month to support the costs of running The Haven. Limited edition super Lucky Horse Shoes for 20 lucky pledgers!

Happy Haven Helpers

Get those old clothes on and help out physically at the Tom Ro Haven. Put some muscle into assisting this shelter for abandoned and abused horses. Gill and Steph also urge individuals, families, corporates and schools to help the horses with a monthly financial donation starting at R200. As a wonderful “Haven Helper” you ensure that Tom Ro keeps their programmes running and their rescues in good health.

Members get the monthly newsletter for all the latest updates and information at Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children. “We encourage all our Haven Helpers to come and meet us and our wonderful rescues at lease once to experience the work we do not only on the farm but for our surrounding communities,” says Gill.

Says Gillian: “Our rescues are horses and ponies saved from various situations. The incidences of abuse, neglect, and abandonment of both horses and children in the Western Cape is unacceptably high.” 

Tom Ro Haven receives numerous phone calls on a daily basis to rescue more horses. They cannot take them, however, due to a lack of funds to look after them. “It’s heart-breaking. There are mares with foals, pregnant mares, young horses, as well as older ones all being sent to abbatoirs, used as breeding machines and being abused and neglected in the most horrific manner.”

And this is where Earth Kids TV step in! We are going to help Gill and Steph achieve their goals. Watch this space!

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