Growing Food

Growing food is an essential skill humans need to relearn. Bring on the Kids! Earth Kids are learning how to grow food as they visit others in their area.

As local vegetable producers, we live by a code of respect for Mother Nature. Gardening in tune with nature is called Permaculture and planting plants side by side for mutual benefit and for warding off “pests” is called Companion Planting. These complex subjects provide plenty of food for thought for our small eco-warriors.

We look at gardening holistically – from the soil to the water, the sun and the air (non-living things). We look at the life cycle of a seed, composting, planting the seed and watching it grow. We then watch the plants grow, nurturing them with water and compost. When we harvest their fruits (vegetables) we know that we have achieved something vital for our health.

We visited Jardim in Noordhoek, Metro Organics in Noordhoek, Soil for Life in Constantia and the Gracie Love Garden in Hout Bay. What an inspiration each one is, leading people into Gardening with Nature.

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