Green Guerrillas

The Green Guerrillas farm soil using cows, pigs, chickens, anaerobic bacteria and composting worms on a small farm located in the Southern Peninsula (Cape Town South Africa).

The farm is a living lab of urban agriculture and sustainable living, a constant growing and challenging experience – exploring no-man’s land and the beyond of urban agriculture and sustainable living.

“The next big food trend will not be milk-less milk or meatless meat, it will be buying local organically produced food and watching your carbon footprint, ” says Green Guerilla General, Akim Riemer.

He has a vision of sharing lost and recently discovered knowledge, mobilizing our community into urban agriculture. Teaching the youth and inspiring others to be accountable, to lead by taking action. Proving Greener is cheaper, stopping the control of our food and water supply.

Earth Kids learned a lot at the organic worm and vegetable farm where pigs and chickens are part of the holistic plan. Vermiculture is a way of life here where the compost is richer than ever.

Earth Kids have made two engrossing films about Akim and his incredible organic farm here.

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  1. A very interesting visit, we have so much to learn about earth, soil, microbes and how valuable this knowledge is for our survival …..

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