Glencairn Wetland

Glencairn Wetland is a small 20-hectare (49-acre) reserve on the Cape Peninsula, in the south of Cape Town, where most of the Earth Kids reside.

Find the wetland lying wetly between central Glencairn and Glencairn Heights, with the Glen Road winding alongside the tall bulrushes. This protected swamp helps to conserve the biodiversity of the entire area, within the lower Else River catchment. It is a vital green lung. Local volunteers help to look after the wetland, in partnership with the City of Cape Town. Residents enjoy the figure-of-eight system of footpaths, trails and stepping stones to cross waterways.

Look out for diverse bird species at this popular site for fishing, watching crabs and looking for signs of the Cape Clawless Otter. The mammal life includes otter, mongoose and porcupine – which are mostly nocturnal and rarely seen.

A Haven for Species Diversity

Some people are lucky to see small reptiles such as the Ungulate Tortoise, the Marsh Terrapin and a range of snakes and lizards. Historically, amphibian life included a wide range of species such as the endangered Western Leopard Toad, the Arum Lily Frog, the Cape River Frog and the Clicking Stream Frog.

Physical changes to Glencairn Wetland and negative impacts from people have changed these dynamics. The Western Leopard Toad has not been seen here for years.

Earth Kids enjoy a lovely walk around the wetlands, identifying reeds, birds, frogs and more. They look closely at the water quality and discuss the importance of wetlands for people. How sad that there are so many negative human impacts on wetlands today!

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