Else River Catchment

The Else River flows through the catchment bordering the historic Welcome Glen Farm which provided milk and vegetables more than 100 years ago. Rising in the mountains between Da Gama Park and Capri, this water source is the life blood for many animals and plants, birds and insects, bacteria and fungi. It flows through the Navy sports area, Rotary Camps and the Glencairn Wetland before it enters the ocean at Glencairn Beach.

How sad then that the Else River is so polluted in the year of 2020. Sewage pollution and litter mar the landscape, the water and the soil. Alien invasive plants line the area beside the river, thirsty plants which soak up this lifeblood for all biodiversity.

Where would people be without these natural life supports? Earth Kids decided that enough is enough. The Else River is their first real call to action!

Watch our films about the issue in our 2020 Film Archive. See if you can find the photos depicting polluted water below: