Earth Kids TV Education

“The Real”

Environmental Education, Conservation Education, Social Education. The most Comprehensive Education on Earth. Every aspect of Reality. Real experience taught by professionals in each field.

  • Gardening with Nature: Permaculture & Companion Planting
  • Nutrition Based on Earth and Human Requirements
  • The Circle and Cycle of Life
  • The 4 non-living things: Water, Soil, Air, Sun
  • All living things and all living systems
  • Threats to life on Earth
  • Taking Action to save the Planet

At Earth School we promote an holistic comprehension of the Earth and our place as humans on the Earth. Environmental Education weaves through all subjects including science, biology, geography, history, mathematics, English and more.

“The Virtual”

International Accreditation for Entrance to most universities. Own pace. Own path. Own space. Online education from one of the best online schools in Africa.

The core education program at Earth School is a collaboration with Southern African Virtual School (SAVS). The program is a self paced one, within reason, that allows a student to master the course content before moving onto the next section. It is based on the American Curriculum and the final qualification is an American High School diploma.

There are no exams. Everything is based on continuous assessment which allows a student to start and finish when it best suits them. All programs and systems are fully monitored by SAVS staff.

Anatomy and Physiology
Earth space science
Marine science
Physical science

For further information please see their web site at

“The Filming”

Bring on the Kids and get the messages out to the global village. One of Earth School’s primary objectives is to spread more awareness about climate change, global warming and the impact that humans have on their environment.

Earth kids focus on local environmental issues which they then link to global environmental issues. The status quo of the African Penguin, for example, is one of their favourite subjects and issues. The decline of this sea bird is linked to the decline in fish in the ocean, the greed of fisheries in both South Africa and abroad, tourism impacts, habitat loss and the ignorance of people in general.

Earth Kids film their issues in sections, bringing it all together at The Stables, the fully equipped film studio in Noordhoek. The reality TV dimension of Earth School is getting stronger as the kids plan to interact with other kids all over the world.

The time is now! Take action for Environment, on your doorstep. Link to others doing similar things. Educate all those who remain unaware of the present global environmental crisis.