Earth Kids to Cape Point!

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By Leeya

Earth Kids went to Cape Point Nature Reserve on November 13th. We hiked to the Venus rock pool. Before we walked, we didn’t know where to go! While Janis was looking where to go, we decided to look around. 

Amelie took me, Sophia, Amber and Kaely to the visitors’ center. We saw old whale  bones and a 3-D map of Cape Point. It was so cool! On the opposite wall, we saw lots of information about Baboons, Whales and all the other animals we could see. Oh! And on the walk we saw Eland

They are these buck. SUPER CUTE RIGHT!!!!

We walked on…. And on…..and on. 

Then we finally got there, to the Venus rock pool…  We were all so excited to just jump in.  Kaely was the first and after that Amber and me, then finally Sophia. When we walked back,  I tripped and landed in between rocks twice! 


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