Earth Art – Food

The Earth gives us food. We can make art using food and featuring food. Food has taken on a new and huge significance during the Covid 19 epoch. Many people will not have food. Many people will not have jobs. The world is changing very fast. We must learn to grow our own food.

Earth Kids entered the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) art challenge for Earth Day. So far, we have made 4 arty collages and follow their themes carefully.

Did you ever wonder where your food came from? Did you ever wonder how much hard work went into getting your food onto your plate?

Think of this process:

  • The farmer sows and grows the seeds. The seeds grow into plants.
  • The farm workers reap the fruits and vegetables, the grains and the pulses. They sort them, clean them, maybe grind them, and pack them up to be transported far and wide.
  • Big organisations buy them into storage and package them.
  • Big trucks carry them in bulk to stores such as supermarkets where we buy them.
  • We take them home. Our mothers and fathers create these foods into meals for us to eat.
  • Yum!

Earth Kids want to grow food for the future. We have been gardening and thinking about urban farming too.

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