Classroom Nature Art

Classroom nature art is a broad subject that includes paintings and many other imaginative artworks created by Earth Kids. Indoor painting takes off after outdoor experiences – to consolidate and nurture. Art themes often link to the environmental topic for the week.

One example is Arbor Week (Tree Week) which falls into the first week of September. The Earth Kids painted trees. First they visited the Common in Noordhoek to soak up their inspiration. Then they painted from the heart.

Using a Variety of Materials and Tons of Imagination

Another example is to draw with black pen inside a circle shape. This forces the mind to do smaller art, more technical art, something one dimensional. We painted rocks for the garden, we made signs for Earth Kids, we decorated our own T-shirts and banners. We made mobiles from wetland plants, collages to tell our stories and we created dream pillow cases to take back home. Art is about self-expression, following genres and methods developed over millions of years.

What about self-portraits? Some artists agree that this is the hardest art form to perfect. Some artists use paint, others use pencils, crayons, pens and even charcoal to depict their interpretation of who they are. Earth kids had fun showing us their faces in a painted portrait.

Painting a smooth stone is so satisfying. Turn a stone into a sign, a pet or a significant ornament. What can you turn a stone into?

Try painting some canvas or any fabric to decorate your own room linen or curtains. All you need is the correct paint and brush and a bit of inspiration – then away you go!

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