Definitely Not Vegan! Nowadays many people have become vegan or vegetarian, but for someone like me, I could never give up meat. That is why I am here to talk about another option, being a carnitarian. A carnitarian is when you don’t eat fish or seafood and it turns out it’s very good for your… Continue reading Carnitarian

The Milkwood Tree

Earth Day – Restore Our Earth “I love the Milkwood Tree! They help to block fires because they act as a fire block and I love the way they have formed a forest at Monkey Valley Resort in Noordhoek.” I chose to feature this favourite tree of mine as we look towards Earth Day this… Continue reading The Milkwood Tree

Our Cooking Show Episode 1

Cooking a Vegan Meal from Scratch… Imagine cooking vegan Spanish Rice from scratch? Using pure, organic vegetables? Cooking a vegan meal from scratch is delicious. Earth Kid Kaely blogged about this cooking show: “Last week Friday my school peers and I all arrived at my house. We have taken on a new project. A cooking… Continue reading Our Cooking Show Episode 1

Veganism – Pros and Cons

Veganism is trending. BUT, like any trend, it comes with many pros and cons. Talking diets is a sensitive topic too as every person has their own needs and every person has their own views about diet. Talking environment, however, is essential to our survival. How we eat links to how we consume, shop, devour… Continue reading Veganism – Pros and Cons

Seals and their Human Predators

Human Predators Humans have been a threat to ocean life for a long time. Animals are being affected worldwide by our actions. Here in Cape Town, the Cape fur seals are suffering from pollution and overfishing. Sadly, seals and fisherman do not have the best relationship. Overfishing has caused many problems for humans and animals… Continue reading Seals and their Human Predators

Baby Nutterbut

Baby Nutterbut is a crafty idea thanks to Amelie’s creative brain. She made her own friend from her own vege patch at home! It all started two years ago when Simon created the Skype Page called Mr Nutterbut. Simon is very worried about food waste globally, in Africa, and locally. He said that he created… Continue reading Baby Nutterbut

New Baby Bunnies

Our holiday started out with getting two new baby bunnies, Luno and Archie. Luno was eight weeks old and Archie was four months old. Both of them are white and gray and Archie has red eyes. Luno is so cheeky he chomps the vegetables in the veggie patch! They are so soft and cuddly. December… Continue reading New Baby Bunnies