Observing Miraculous Metamorphosis

Sophia has been observing miraculous metamorphosis in her garden. This Earth Kid keenly recorded the Life Cycle of the Cabbage White Butterfly. Sophia’s butterfly took 37 days to complete the entire life cycle, from egg laying to metamorphosis! Sophia’s Butterfly Story The Cabbage White flitted about the vegetable garden, looking for a spot to lay… Continue reading Observing Miraculous Metamorphosis

Water Water Everywhere…

Water, water everywhere – but for how long? The Earth consists mostly of water – consider the many huge oceans and seas, the rivers, streams, glaciers, dams and lakes. These water sources are all part of something Greater – the miraculous water cycle! Choosing a Water Theme for a Biodiversity Party is therefore a great… Continue reading Water Water Everywhere…

Stop Importing Birds!

People must stop importing exotic birds, says Jeremy Schack. This causes an imbalance in the food chain when exotic birds disrupt the very existence of indigenous birds. These visitors force native birds from their ecosystems, threatening their livelihoods. Jeremy is an Earth Kid who has been stuck in France during the global Covid 19 lockdown.… Continue reading Stop Importing Birds!

Saving Global Biodiversity

Saving Global Biodiversity – should we bother? What is so important about the Earth’s biological diversity? We live in such uncertain times: the Coronavirus, climate change, wars and starvation. Surely worrying about saving global biodiversity is just too much? Wrong! Saving global biodiversity will save the human race. Our very existence depends on it. And… Continue reading Saving Global Biodiversity