Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a little girl with long brown hair who lived in a beautiful old house with her 12 brothers and sisters, her mom and dad, a hutch of rabbits, 4 dogs and some cats too.

This little girl was called Sophia. She loved animals (especially bunnies!), her garden and baking cookies with her mom. In fact, this story is about Sophia and her baking – she creates Nature cookies. You see, Sophia is an Earth Kid at Earth School. She was busy with her Biodiversity Party. She chose a Forest Theme for her party. Let me tell her story here…

The children were asked to plan and actually hold a Biodiversity Party at their homes. The entire country is in Lock Down thanks to Covid 19. So what better way to spend a weekend than in party mode? This was the request from the teacher (me!):

Let’s Have a Party for Nature!

  1. Who will you invite to your Nature Party? Think here in terms of Biodiversity – ants, scorpions, moss, mushrooms, frogs … Think of a food chain in a habitat you love. A habitat can be a grassland, wetland, ocean, mountain, forest, desert…
  2. Where will the party be?
  3. What will be your theme for your party? Anything you love: flowers, trees, cookies, even Minecraft!
  4. What will you eat? Make something for real that you can share with us! It can be a green cake or a healthy smoothie or a vegetarian meal.
  5. Which famous person will give the main speech? Think in terms of Biodiversity – David Attenborough, for example?
  6. What is your main message to all your guests at your Biodiversity party?
  7. Do something to illustrate your party. A poster, a Powerpoint presentation, a painting, make something from nature or to do with your theme…

Sophia’s Biodiversity Party

Who is invited? Bees; Butterflies; Ants; Beetles; Squirrels; Owls; Hedgehogs; Deer; Rabbits; Mice; Rats; Woodpecker; Wolves; Fox; Bear; Snake; Badger; Frogs; Mushroom; Moss.

Where will the party be held? In a clearing in Cecilia forest, after sunset.

Food: ◦Edible Flowers ◦Honey ◦Berry Juice ◦Carrot Cake ◦Sophia’s Forest butter cookies ◦Strawberries

Guest Speaker: Bindi Irwine – a conservationist from Australia.

Bindi Sue Irwin is a passionate wildlife conservationist, who has inherited her parents’ love for wildlife and wild places. Born to Wildlife Warriors Steve and Terri Irwin, Bindi is a determined soul, destined to make a positive difference on the planet.

Message: “We need to protect the forest biome from many threats such as forest fires, logging and pollution.”

Sophia Made Nature Cookies!

Sophia is a very lucky little girl: she has a kind mom, she has a huge kitchen and she has lots of time to make gorgeous biodiversity cookies! Did you share those delightful cookies, Sophia? Just checking!

The moral of the story? We can all be part of Nature, humans ARE part of Biodiversity – and we can eat cookies to celebrate this.

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