Beach Days

Beach days are a breeze. White icing sugar sands, sparkling rocks, huge tides and mind-blowing views. Crabs, jellyfish, seaweed, shells and maybe a dead seal or two. Ships on the horizon, surfers catching waves, children laughing, horses cantering.

Earth Kids were based at Noordhoek Beach for a while. They have cleaned Nurdles off Fish Hoek Beach, reported on sewage pollution at Glencairn Beach, and investigated the Penguin situation at Seaforth Beach.

The Southern Peninsula of Cape Town boasts kilometers of ocean and sandy shores – ideal for learning about rocky shores, sandy ecosystems and threats to the ocean. Cleanups, forest walks and solitaire – the way the Earth Kids do it.

Beach walks often turn into impromtu games and lessons in nature. Like this visit to the Wire Whale, Kakapo, and the new bench made by the Project Noordhoeked team in memory of a special person.

The 2019 Climate Strike on Noordhoek Beach was our first step in joining others to take action against the Earth’s Polluters. We joined to show our solidarity with those who care for Nature.

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