Baby Nutterbut

Baby Nutterbut is a crafty idea thanks to Amelie’s creative brain. She made her own friend from her own vege patch at home!

It all started two years ago when Simon created the Skype Page called Mr Nutterbut. Simon is very worried about food waste globally, in Africa, and locally. He said that he created Mr Nutterbut to encourage earth kids and all kids to eat vegetables, even if they look ugly. All these perfect vegetables we see in the stores are unreal – contrived. Real organic veges are irregular and funny and taste better than any other vege!

Says Amelie: “At that time, I was living in a rented home while my dad built our house just next door. At last we could move in!

Then, the other day I was watching a movie when my dad come down from the garden and brought his first veg that he grew. It was a baby Nutterbut!

So I drew a face on it and had a photo shoot, then sent my pictures to Simon and we decide to use him as our mascot for EKTV.

He will help us get people aware about the planet and that is why I made him.”

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