Of Poplar Trees and Water

Koos Burger is Very Sad Koos Burger is very sad. “The Else River smells like sewage,” he says, pointing to the thick brown and black sludge lining the banks of this picturesque river that runs through the Glencairn Rotary Camp grounds. Koos is sad because some 9 000 disadvantaged youth come here annually to experience… Continue reading Of Poplar Trees and Water

Earth Kids act on Else River

When Earth Kids act on Else River, they tackle an issue close to their hearts: water, water conservation, ecosystem health and biodiversity preservation. They have learned how intricate such natural resources are and how necessary they are to human survival on this planet. Earth Kids are all about taking action in nature, for environment. Humans… Continue reading Earth Kids act on Else River

Planting Seeds!

Planting seeds is the first step towards taking action for nature. It is the best education in environment that we can give our kids. Planting seeds is the most satisfying outdoor garden activity we know. Earth Kids love to plant and get their fingers into the soil. Planting seeds is a symbol of new life,… Continue reading Planting Seeds!