Heritage Day is Braai Day

Heritage Day is Braai Day in South Africa. Should Heritage Day be Braai Day? Or is this trivialising our environmental and cultural birthrights? How should we celebrate our history and our background as South Africans? Most South Africans love to braai – of all races and colours and classes! So why not all do it… Continue reading Heritage Day is Braai Day

Horses Love Tom Ro Haven – so do Earth Kids!

The horses at Tom Ro Haven stand to benefit from the eager Earth Kids. We want to assist this haven for rescued horses by doing some fundraising, awareness and publicity. If you love horses, be sure to pop in to this rescue center for abused horses. And if you love to ride and feel the… Continue reading Horses Love Tom Ro Haven – so do Earth Kids!

Fabric Art

Fabric art is so creative when done in a group. Earth Kids sometimes create things together and this week we created blinds for our windows. Very colourful blinds! Since the school started in 2019, Earth Kids have been creating beautiful artworks reflecting their lives and contexts. New Classroom is Ready! Earth kids are very proud… Continue reading Fabric Art

Sewage Pollution!

Earth Kids have been learning about sewage pollution. They have focused on one of the local streams which flows into False Bay: the Else River has suffered ongoing sewage pollution thanks to broken pipes, bursting sewers and lack of maintenance in the area. This catchment is enjoyed by children and pets and is rich in… Continue reading Sewage Pollution!