What is Earth School all about? And who believes that Earth’s Cool?

We know that previous generations were born into a beautiful abundant world. An Earth packed with diverse species, crystal clear streams, lush forests, teeming jungles and enough of everything for a long time to come. Earth School kids want to fight for their right to have the same – and for their children too.

Earth School chooses to act, to turn the tide.  We all need to find and implement new systems and – most important of all – bring on the kids!

What do we do when top experts from all over the world keep telling us that the world is at a tipping point? And that humanity needs to act now to save our futures, all of our dreams, our connections to Nature…

We take this message to heart. We are teaching our pioneering group of children, aged 9 to 15, in one of the greatest classrooms on Earth – South Africa’s natural environment.

We aim to share their lessons on film, worldwide. We let Nature lead us to the wonders of science, mathematics, language, arts, drama and music. In a quest to promote global awareness about our Earth’s fragile existence.

Anyone, from anywhere, can download presented video lessons. We welcome all kids to share in the wonders of an education that can take place anywhere. Each kid can apply each lesson to their own local surroundings. Then send us some material back!

This new eco-based comprehensive education will bring long-lasting change to universal natural systems. And to how kids view the world, the Earth.

We draw on the best of traditional wisdom and future technology. We examine the mistakes made by past civilizations. We learn from these. We examine indigenous knowledge systems of tribes who lived in harmony with nature. We learn from these.

We hold a space for new, fresh thinking to occur, to bring solutions that are relevant for today’s challenges. We invite world audiences, all ideas, all energies into this process.

We choose exciting and varied locations in which to teach. We choose to drive the message home and inspire humanity all to save the Earth’s ecosystems.

We attract authors, scientists, celebrities, innovators and all ordinary people – who are creating solutions or simply living the best life – to engage in, and lead, discussions in this most exciting journey of our time.  

Our Vision: new systems of nutrition, agriculture, health, zero waste, renewable energy, water use in harmony with the natural systems of the earth, restored ecosystems, conserved wildernesses and a return to the abundance of nature!