Observing Miraculous Metamorphosis

Sophia has been observing miraculous metamorphosis in her garden. This Earth Kid keenly recorded the Life Cycle of the Cabbage White Butterfly. Sophia’s butterfly took 37 days to complete the entire life cycle, from egg laying to metamorphosis! Sophia’s Butterfly Story The Cabbage White flitted about the vegetable garden, looking for a spot to lay… Continue reading Observing Miraculous Metamorphosis

Herbs as Medicine

Herbs have been used as medicine for centuries. People have always used plants to cure ailments and boost health. Now, in the era of modern medicine, their medicinal properties are still sought after. Most of today’s medicines come from nature but herbs are still some of the strongest and most effective sources of medicine around.… Continue reading Herbs as Medicine

The Toads of Silvermine

The Toads of Silvermine are mostly the famous and endangered Western Leopard Toads (Amietophrynus pantherinus). Find also the rare Arum Lily Frog, the Cape River Frog and the Clicking Stream Frog in this beautiful wetland reserve. Earth Kids went on the hunt for these splendid amphibians last year. They did not find any but they… Continue reading The Toads of Silvermine